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Model Safety

Internet modeling by its very nature is much less safe than mainstream. Many of the clients whether for paid or TFP shoots) are not professionals. No small number of them aren’t even photographers in the conventional sense; they are just people (primarily men) who enjoy taking pictures of women, and may or may not much […]

Crossing Over

Many Internet models aspire to a mainstream modeling career. In safety as so many other things, there is a cultural difference between the two areas. If a model approaches a mainstream agency or client with the kinds of skepticism and distrust that is accepted in the Internet world, she will find that she is treated […]

Risk Reduction

A model needs to understand not only the risk factors in a shoot, but also the ways she can reduce those risks before deciding to accept an assignment. Risk reduction is rarely perfect; it usually comes with difficulties or costs attached. Those difficulties have to be included in the final plan for the shoot. Here […]

Researching Clients

It’s wise for models to know and use techniques to research whom they are corresponding with. On the Internet anyone can claim to be anything, and you shouldn’t simply assume that they are who and what they say they are. There are a wide variety of sources and techniques that models can use to confirm […]

Danger Signs

There is no foolproof way to tell dangerous from safe photographers. Even the most professional can have hidden personality issues that make them dangerous, and some who, on the surface, appear questionable may turn out to be just fine. Circumstances that seem safe (a known studio, another model at the shoot, and a photographer who […]

Choose Carefully

Especially at the beginning of a model’s time on the Internet, she will likely be faced with a large number of shooting opportunities. For models open to fetish or nude work, there may be hundreds of offers. Even for less revealing types of photography, attractive models may find that they have a surplus of offers. […]

The Internet and Mainstream Modeling

The beginning of the 21st century brought the first major change in the way agencies had done business in nearly 30 years. The old ways remain, and are still relied upon for many purposes, but the Internet has fundamentally changed the way models, agencies and clients communicate with each other. It has also made information about modeling widely available […]

Large Market Cities

The United States New York City The overwhelming fashion and advertising capital of the country, New York is the sole Major Market city in the United States. The largest American design houses are located there, as are most fashion magazines and major publishing houses. The great majority of editorial fashion modeling is done in New York, or by New […]

How Modeling Jobs Work

In the simplest cases the Client calls the Model Agent directly, tells them what they need, the agent selects someone who is right for the job, and the deal is done. In the most complex, the Casting Director calls every Model Agency in town, they end up with hundreds of comp cards and then hundreds of applicants in […]