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Challenges of Being a Professional Model

Challenges of Being a Professional Model

Are you ready to become a model? Here are some great tips to get you started:

  • DNA — The biggest challenge a person who wants to be a professional model faces is his or her own DNA. You may be thinking, “What?” You know, deoxyribonucleic acid – chromosomes and genetics. Especially in the fashion modeling industry, strict height and weight guidelines can crush the dreams of a beautiful person whose DNA keeps him or her from reaching those standards. When it comes to fashion modeling, either you were born to be a fashion model or you were not. If you are not at least 5’9” tall for a woman or 6” tall for a man, fashion is not for you. However, other types of modeling may be perfect for you.
  • Finding a Legitimate Agent – With so many fraudulent agencies out there, it is hard for a new model to know whom to trust. An agent can make or break a model’s career. Avoid fraudulent agencies, no matter what promises they make. In addition, it is usually best for models serious about a career to avoid modeling schools, modeling conventions, and modeling competitions. Models should go straight to legitimate modeling agencies.
  • Getting That First Major Modeling Job – It is easy to land small modeling jobs, but major clients like to work with major models. Many times large national or international clients do not audition new models, they select models with a “name” or models they have worked with before. Ambitious models who never give up and focus on networking and making contacts stand the best chance of making it with major clients.
  • Being Able to “Work the Camera” – To be truly successful, a model must be more than photogenic. A model must be able to “work the camera.” Learn to relax in front of a camera and go to a shoot prepared with suggestions and ideas. Do not make your photographer do all of the work. Successful models work with a photographer. Do not just try to “look good” in photographs. Work the camera, create a character, and tell a story with your photographs. They will come out more interesting and your career will thank you for it.
  • Dealing With Nudity – Most models are comfortable with swimsuit and underwear modeling, but when it comes to nudity, they freak out. A model must decide if they want to pose for nude modeling jobs. A prospective agency will ask. It is not imperative that a model pose nude to have a great career. However, do not lie about your willingness to be nude. If you tell your agent you are relaxed about nude photo shoots and then change your mind, that may hurt your career. Be upfront about nudity.
  • Making Money While Waiting to “Make It” – It takes money to live, so unless you are wealthy or have someone willing to pay your way until you make it big, a new model needs to work. The problem is that auditions and go-sees can be at the last minute, anytime of the day. A model who must work should seek a job with flexible hours. Many models start their own small businesses so they can set their own schedule. If possible, seek employment with someone in the industry, such as being an agent or photographer’s assistant. You will learn more and more about the industry while making important contacts with these types of positions than you will by waiting tables.

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