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Are you a fashion model or a commercial model?

Not that I am the next big fashionista of India but because I pay close attention, I know the modeling industry. People often ask me questions about fashion and models and how to become a model and what are the criteria etc etc. They ask me how is being a fashion model different from being a commercial model.

Although these two go hand in hand, there are differences which keeps them apart. It is also a known fact that a fashion model does commercial modeling as well and vice verse but for now lets just concentrate on the difference. Shall we?

A fashion model and a commercial model, both will be seen in national campaigns but they are featured in two different ways. While a fashion model will be seen walking for big designers and on international runway, appearing in glossy magazines, the commercial models are usually seen in advertisements and catalogs. To become a fashion model there is a minimum height and body type criteria where as to become a commercial model the cut off is way less. Therefore it is very important for a person to understand where he or she fits before getting into it.

So now the question comes —

What do commercial models do? 

Answer – Local or national print advertisements, e-commerce catalogs, tv commercials and trade shows. Sounds like a good deal rite? It is … you make enough money to keep yourself going but most commercial models do not receive lucrative contracts and struggle to get recognized.

Requirement – Your over all looks are not as heavily regulated if you want to be a commercial mode. Depends on the brand and what it is into. You can be as old as 60 and you can still get booked. You can be short, stout and you do not have to have a strong jaw line. You do not have to look like you have been carved as commercial models usually need to play a role.

What do fashion models do? 

Answer – Primarily seen on the runway. Walking for well known designers, seen in editorials and campaigns appearing in glossy fashion and lifestyle magazines. They also get to work with international modeling agencies, represent their country in beauty pageant.

Requirement – The criteria is very strict. Your body, your looks, your height and your age. Everything is taken into consideration. For guys the minimum height required is 5.11 feet and for girls it is 5.7 feet and age anything between 16 to 25. Most fashion agencies prefer models who are under 20 because it gets easy to groom them. In addition to the looks, age and height, a fashion model must be willing to travel, relocate and work on odd schedules.

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