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How To Improve Your Catwalk Skills

How To Improve Your Catwalk Skills

If you want to be a runway or high fashion model you will need a killer catwalk. It’s a must. The walk on the runway is what sells a designer’s clothes and if you have an awkward walk or look uncomfortable it will have an effect on the clothing. Suddenly a gorgeous garment will appear strange or slightly off. For this reason a designer will never book a model for a runway show unless they can really attack that walk and sell the clothes. So break out the stilettos, a video camera, digital camera, tape, and grab a good friend, because it’s time to practice.

Try out the shoes
Always practice in high heels. Mix it up between stilettos and regular high heels as well as clogs and shorter shoes. You need to learn how to balance in each shoe and comfortably take a stride. The more shoes you try walking in the better because you never know what a designer or stylist will put you in.

Work on your posture. Push your shoulders back and tilt the pelvis forward and upward. You should be leaning back slightly. This is the correct posture for walking the runway. Hold this posture for several minutes at a time before relaxing. The more you practice the more natural it will become.

Tape the floor
Use masking tape to create a straight line down a hallway, outdoor patio or across a long room with a wood floor. Walk on the line one foot crossing in front of the other. You want to lead with your hips and extend your walking leg out fairly far so you are taking strides, not baby steps. Land on the toes and press your foot into the floor through your toe, ball then heel. Don’t walk with the weight on your heels, keep it toward the toe with the rest of the weight falling on the center of the foot.

Whip out the video camera
Set up a video camera to record your walk. Do several passes then watch the tape. Are you staring straight ahead? Did you keep to your feet on the line? How does your body line look? Are you holding the correct posture as you walk? Analyze your features then try it again and see if you made the necessary changes.

Trust your friend
Have a friend watch you walk. Ask for their constructive criticism. Then have them take digital photos as you walk like paparazzi, magazines and other photographers would during an actual show. Look at your body lines and posture in the photos. Do you look good or do you still need work. Continue to practice and watch your body and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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