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Promotional Modeling

Promotional Modeling

There is a question among many in the modeling industry whether “promotional modeling” is modeling at all. Most traditional fashion and print agencies don’t deal with it. Promotional models are hired through specialized staffing
agencies, through direct contact with clients, or increasingly, from ads placed on the Internet. Promotional models are used in many ways, from acting as a spokesperson for a product at a trade show to giving out free drinks as a liquor promotion in bars, to passing out flyers in a mall. Promotional models may find themselves wearing funny costumes or storyboards, bikinis or business suits. The common denominator is that they are in front of a lot of people, promoting their client in some way.
Most promotional modeling is very low paying, as modeling jobs go. A typical rate is $15-$25 per hour, or a day rate of $100-
$300. Jobs requiring special skills or characteristics can pay more, but that is unusual. Promotional models don’t have to “look like models,” although they usually have to be reasonably attractive. More important is a pleasant, outgoing personality, since they will be interacting with the public all day. Physical stamina helps also, since they may be on their feet for an eight hour day, or working into the late hours of the night.

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