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This April, we’re excited to team up with acclaimed London juice & Smoothie bar Supernatural to bring all our We Are Models members a fabulous free smoothie. In honour of Supernatural and everything they stand for, we thought we’d take a look in a little more detail at how smoothies can change your life.

With the proviso that you need to be doing smoothies the supernatural way (that means no additives, no concentrates and no shortcuts), here’s what happens to your body and mind if you start including smoothies in your daily diet. Aside from guaranteeing yourself a moment of unadulterated mmmm every day, that is.

The Smoothie Timeline

Day 1 – 3

You’ll immediately notice an energy boost, and feel fuller for longer after eating (/drinking) your smoothie. The fresh fruit and veg in a smoothie releases energy slowly, so you’re less likely to get those normal mid-morning hunger pangs.

Day 4 – 6


The more processed food you eat, the worse your breath is likely to be because of all the competing bacteria you’re introducing into your body. On the contrary, smoothies contain bucket-loads of antioxidant. These encourage good bacteria to thrive while drowning out bad, odour causing bacteria.

If you particularly worry about bad breath, try adding mint to your daily smoothies. Mint is known to help aid digestion and is a particularly efficient bad breath buster.

Day 7 – 10

By day 7, you should start noticing a difference in your mood. The minerals and vitamins you’re taking in if you drink a daily smoothie contribute to a decrease in cortisol – the stress hormone. If that’s not a reason to start with a daily smoothie, I don’t know what is.

Day 11 – 14

SmoothieYour hair is going to start looking pretty damn shiny right about now. Two of the major nutrients you’re going to get from drinking smoothies are iron and magnesium, and both of these can have a big impact on your hair.

Iron in particular helps increase the oxygen count in your blood, so more oxygen reaches your cells and hair follicles, increasing growth rate and repair. Protein is important too, strengthening your hair strands. Basically smoothies are a pretty good shout if you want beautiful shiny locks.

Day 15 – 18

It’s time your skin got a look in. Almost all of us struggle with less-than-perfect skin, at least some of the time. Luckily, a daily smoothie routine can really help. Vitamin E helps prevent against skin cell damage, while Vitamin K helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Parsley is a bit of a super-herb in this respect, containing Vitamin K, Chlorophyll, Vitamin A and C – all of which help repair and renew your skin.

The principle is pretty simple. The more vitamins and nutrients you put inot your body, the better you’re going to look and feel. There’s nothing more attractive than “the glow” – both inside and out.

Day 19 – 22


By now, you should have been regularly taking in enough calcium that your bones and teeth are getting stronger. This might not be something you notice on a daily basis, but your bone health is critical to your overall wellbeing. Trust us, you’ll be grateful when you’re older. If you’re on a vegan diet, smoothies can be a fantastic way to up your calcium levels in an all-natural way – did you know that watercress has more calcium than milk?

Day 23 – 26

We’re getting into the major health benefits now. If you’ve added a daily smoothie to your diet for this long, you’ve consistently been putting an amazing blend of nutrients to help you boost your immune system long-term. You’re going to be less susceptible to illness or infection, as your body arms itself from the inside out. You’ve got warriors inside you now…

Day 27 – 30


You know those days where you just can’t concentrate and everything feels like an effort? Not any more, you don’t. With 30 days of smoothie feeding your body and soul, you’re going to find your concentration increases and it becomes easier to focus than ever before. You’re going to be feeling pure and positive, and ready to face life head-on, whatever it throws at you.

Day 30+

You shouldn’t need any more persuading, by this point. Incorporating a smoothie into your daily diet gives your body the vitamin-kick it needs to run at its best. You’re giving yourself the fuel you need to be excellent, all day, all week, all month and all lifetime long. From your hair, skin and teeth to your immune system, metabolism and long-term brain health, from your physical appearance to your mood, smoothies can genuinely change your life.

Why not give it a try today, and let your free Supernatural smoothie kick-start you into a healthier lifestyle? Start your journey by claiming your free smoothie HERE. Redeem your unique voucher anytime between 11th and 17th April at Oxford Circus Tube Station.

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