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Want to be a Model?

Want to be a Model?

If you are reading this page it probably is because you are interested in becoming a model. There are many kinds of models: fashion, commercial and glamour are the major divisions. These pages will not discuss glamour models in detail – that is a topic best left to others who deal in that specialty. We will focus here only on the majority of models in the United States: commercial models and, to a lesser extent, fashion models.
What does it take to be a model? Please follow the links below, where each highlighted concept is explained in more detail.*
1. Location. If you aren’t where the market is, you won’t get work.
2. Investment, of both time and money is needed. Becoming a model isn’t free, although it may be affordable. At a minimum you will have to have the Required Marketing Materials.
3. Height and Body Type. It’s a lot harder if you are 5’2” tall or not slim.
4. Attitude. Can make or break your career. Usually it breaks it.
5. Looks. Sure, they are important, but look where they are on the list.
6. “Being Discovered”. You think this is how it works?
And after all that, if you get to be a model it may not be what you think. Before you make all that investment you need to know all about the reality of Your Role as a Model.
* — “Agency” doesn’t always mean exactly that. See “A note on Terminology”for an explanation.

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