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This April, We Are Models are super excited to be teaming up with the amazing Frame, to help you fall back in love with health and fitness.

Founded in 2009 by Pip Black and Joan Murphy, Frame has quickly established itself as a key player in the London health and fitness scene. Their common-sense approach to fitness (their in-studio ‘forgot your kit’ kit is a prime example) and commitment to feel-good, high-energy, fun-filled exercise is taking London by storm. Offering 500+ classes a week, Frame throws a whole lot of sass into the fitness mix.

But it’s not just about moving your frame. Nuh uh. What we’re really asking you to do is…

Change Your Frame Of Mind

Health & Fitness

Have you ever skipped a workout session? I’m going to assume the answer is yes (and hey, you’ll find no judgement here). Think back to the last time that happened – why did you bail? I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest it wasn’t because you didn’t realise how important exercise is. I’m guessing we all know why health and fitness is important; we could probably rattle off health benefits until we’re blue in the face.

So why bail? For the same reason we scoff that chocolate bar or donut we know we probably shouldn’t. Because it feels good. If chilling on the sofa watching Netflix is more enjoyable than your workout, it’s safe to assume that sometimes you’ll bail on the latter in favour of the former. What I’m trying to say is this. Is you’re forcing yourself to workout because you know you should, that’s not a failsafe motivational method.

If, on the other hand, your workout is something you enjoy as much as a rogue chocolate bar or cheeky Netflix session, you’re much more likely to make time for it your life.

Health & Fitness

The moral of the story is this: your workout shouldn’t be a chore. And that’s why we love Frame so much. With more than 500 classes a week, Pip and Joan built Frame on the principle that exercise should be fun. And that’s not just a line. I mean, really, truly, genuinely fun. It’s a whole lot more sassy that Body Combat.

Frame Rave is a great example. A high-energy dance class, Frame bills this as ‘dancing around in your favourite club, arms in the air, beats pulsing through your brain… whilst still being in bed by 10pm and waking up sans hangover. Genius”. Then there’s Frame Yoga (“it’s the mindfulness of Power Yoga, the strength and speed of Rocket and the flow of Dynamic Vinyasa”) or Jump & Pump (think trampolining with weights). There’s Punch & Pad, Bell & Box and Ass & Abs, or Gliders, or Ski Fit, or Bend it Like Barbie.

Basically, you can’t not find something you’re excited by at Frame – and that’s absolutely central to changing your frame of mind.

Health & Fitness

Sometimes the health and fitness scene can seem a little insular. As if you have to fit into a certain type of mould, if you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle. You really don’t. Health and fitness isn’t a one-size fits all. Rather, you should focus on finding what you love, and creating a tailored workout that gets you excited when you think about it.

We Are Models love Frame because they cater to your individuality. You could trampoline on a Monday, box like Tyson on a Tuesday, shake it like Beyoncé on a Wednesday, bend it like Barbie on a Thursday… it’s a fitness playground where you can design a workout you love.

Health & Fitness

And that’s really the key. If you can reconnect to your inner child, experience childish excitement about exercise, you’re infinitely more likely to workout and more able to make sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier, happier you.

That’s what Frame stands for. It’s not just about moving your frame, but about embracing a new frame of mind.

If you’re not a We Are Models member yet and you’re feeling left you, check out our membership page HERE. For only £10 a month, you get £150+ worth of exclusive free giveaways, products and events handpicked from the best of London’s health and fitness lifestyle scene. As well as our Frame free dance pass, this April you can get a month of free bootcamps with Swift Fitness, a free Supernatural smoothie, a free male grooming consultation and haircut with Pall Mall Barbers and an exclusive invitation to our We Are Models takeover event with Sohot Bikram yoga studios.

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