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WE never tire of interrogating our favourite models about their beauty regimes and the secrets they’ve picked up backstage, but for Bette Franke — as with so many truly beautiful women — the key is just some seriously good genes. In fact, she doesn’t even wear moisturiser.

«I barely do anything to my skin, this is just the way it is,» she told us. «I use Bioderma micellar water to take off my make-up and I don’t even use moisturiser in the evening, unless it’s winter. No masks, nothing like that. But I don’t smoke, I don’t drink loads of alcohol and I don’t eat too much sugar — I’m much more of a savoury person.»

Despite this, Franke sports one of the most glowing complexions we’ve seen, making her a regular fixture in the Vogue beauty trend features that require such intimidatingly close-up backstage photographs. As a result, she isn’t much of a make-up fanatic -when your face looks good-to-go from the moment you wake up, why would you be? — but that hasn’t stopped her from picking up a few key tricks from some of the biggest names in the beauty business.

«I don’t really wear make-up in my own time but one thing I might do is apply a bit of mascara, or perhaps curl my lashes. Pat McGrath often doesn’t use mascara on us at the shows but she’ll still curl the lashes and it really opens up the eyes,» Franke, who is signed with Viva London, said. «I’m terrible at doing make-up on myself but I actually like having it done for me because I like talking to the people who do it. I really like what Diane Kendal will do with just a really tiny amount of eyeliner, it’s always quite subtle. But my husband doesn’t like it at all. Sometimes I’ll come home still wearing my catwalk make-up after one of the New York shows, and he’ll just look at me. I’ll say: ‘Shall I take it off?’ and he’s like: ‘Yes please!'»

It’s not just beauty either — rather than strict exercise regimes and hours spent in the gym, Franke’s fitness secrets generally involve going outside and enjoying herself.

«I bike everywhere. New York City is a workout in itself! Occasionally I might try to do sit-ups and in the summer I’ll play tennis, but I never go to classes,» she told us. «And never the gym — I don’t understand the gym. I feel like all you do is work out at home so that you look good enough to go to the gym in a crop top and show off your muscles. Everyone’s just looking at each other.»

Refreshingly simple and realistic — even if we’d secretly hoped she had to put hours of work into looking so good. Proof, then — if ever we needed it — that some people really are just born to be models.

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