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Gigi Hadid is among the cohort of top models riding the social media superstardom wave. What does she make of this new type of model, deemed by Vogue as the «Instagirls?»

The Fashion Spot reports:

She’s among this new crop of muses that include names like Kendall Jenner — the Instagirls, whose social media presence has effectively helped build their careers. We’re smack-dab in the middle of a new era of up-and-coming supers, a fact not everyone is happy about. Naomi Campbell, who will forever remain a modeling legend, recently lent her opinion on the Instagirl generation, describing their success as “easy come, easy go” to Meredith Vieira. Of course, it’s tough to please everybody, but it’s becoming clear that these Instagirls are a bit misunderstood.
“It’s not really our fault that we were born in the generation of Instagram,” Gigi told us. “I think that the success of our careers shows that we’re taking advantage of the time. We’re using it in the right ways and we’re becoming real ambassadors for the brands we’re working for.” And of course they are. Gigi herself boasts 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 234,000 on Twitter. That’s quite a following and certainly an attractive perk for brands in search of ambassadors. It’s like having a built-in audience to sell to.
“I respect all the supermodels that I still love, Kate, Naomi and all those girls. I look up to them so much and they still have such amazing careers,” Gigi continued. “We all hope to be like them, and we don’t take anything away from them. We know they worked really hard and everything. We’re working hard, too! We just get to have Instagram also.”

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